BPS Check

Enhanced DBS Check
DBS: Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB)

This is a Criminal Record Check (CRB OR DBS) as well as an identity check.

Monica’s Nannies can perform an Enhanced DBS check for you, whether you are a Child carer and/or Adult carer requiring a new police check or if you are a Parent employing a child carer and you would like to get a check done on the new candidate.

For childcare jobs I advise and require an Enhanced check, basic disclosures are not accepted to register with my agency

I charge £75 to process an Enhanced DBS check and the applicant can sign up to the update service to guarantee an automatic annual updates, which is check-able on line at any time by the employer.

DBS update service is £13 per year and is not mandatory but a great benefit to the candidates.

Important: Candidates will only be able to use this certificate when registering with the Ofsted if they sign up to the update service.

An Enhanced disclosure costs £75 that can be paid via PayPal or via bank transfer. After the payment I’ll email you an online form and the instructions.

The Disclosure Form” which asks for the following information from the applicant:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Identity documents, which may include Passport, ID and/or Birth certificate if you were born in the UK
  • Driver License if applicable (both card and counterpart)
  • National Insurance number
  • Town and County/Region of Birth
  • Previous 5 years addresses (UK and abroad)

You need to provide your address history from the past 5 years in the UK or abroad but only proof from your current address. (All documents must be original and official).

Candidates and Clients should be aware that this service could take up to 6 months, it depends on the candidate’s history but usually it’s ready in 10 days.

This must be considered when applying for or offering jobs.

DBS checks are considered essential for all childcare applicants in the UK.

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